Brag Corner

These are just a few. We can brag more…

I was very impressed with the attentiveness and speed in which Alpha Solutions was able to produce qualified candidates to fulfill our hiring needs, and in their flexibility to work together on the administrative aspects to complete the process. Their resources have stayed on project and provided the knowledge that was ‘advertised’. We have never received a candidate from them that wasn’t able to get the job done.

I’ve worked with Alpha Solutions for only a short time, however, they came through for me quickly and efficiently when I needed to staff a project immediately with a very aggressive deadline. I received the right resource, with the correct skill set I requested, which is all I could ask for. Moreover, they have been a pleasure to work with, and have been very accommodating in all aspects of our relationship. Victor and his team definitely work from a customer satisfaction perspective in everything they do. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any of my colleagues who are looking to staff their projects. They will get the job done.

I’ve been working with Jennifer since 2008 and have always enjoyed working with her. She always takes the time to fully understand the issues and concerns we are having with our systems and operations. When we are having an issue we don’t fully understand she allows us to speak with one of her SME’s who can assist us in understanding what we need to do. Alpha Solutions has been very flexible and patient with us and their resources also provide us the same. We have utilized their services multiple times and will continue to utilize them to staff our projects. They are always able to provide us with top quality resources in a time critical manner and are also able to work within our budgets and allow us to get the work done. We currently recommend them to others who need assistance and will continue to do so.

Alpha Solutions has done a great job in understanding our environment and getting us candidates that fit into our culture. We provide a range of services that require a niche arrangement of skills and Jennifer and her team have done very well at taking the time to fully understand what we are looking for and providing us top quality candidates. We have hired from them before and will continue to use their services for our future needs.